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Everything starts within your brain: dream, reality, plan, logic and the sensing of your body.

"After my accident on the racetrack in Almeria, I started to think about, what "to be focused" means while riding a motorcycle. Especially when it comes to such a complex task as riding a bike on a racetrack."

Sandra Mihailovic (Mental Coach)

Sandra Mihailovic

While practicing martial arts for 20 years I could constantly observe and experience the impact of mental strength on the development and success of the athlete. I was fighting in the highest German league of Judo and I lived through both, success and failure and how close they sometimes stick together.
I also worked as a coach in the youth program of my club, where I trained youngsters in the martial art techniques and in mental strengths.

A few years ago my life partner introduced me to the motorcycle sport, especially the racing on racetrack part. After my first ride on a bike as a pillion passenger I new, this was something I would like to do by myself. So I made my driver's license, brought my first own motorcycle a Suzuki Gladius and of we went to the "Isle of Man TT". It was amazing.
After that decision was made, I want to have a rookie training on the racetrack. I had to wait until the winter as we went to Almeria to get the first ride. But after the first turn my spirit sank, I crashed and injured some fingers of both hands so significant, that it was impossible to weare gloves. So no rinding anymore. But the year after I tried again and this time with more success but a lot of respect I have to deal with. So I found myself, not only to work on my riding technique but also on my mental strength to help me diminish the fear to crash again.

In my mental coaching I teach you techniques which help you to focus and to stay focused, to be mindful and be aware what you do while practicing on the race track. And those techniques will accompany you even after you returned home. They will help you to keep the track, stay focused and improve every day.

Dipl. Psychologist, Consultant and Mental Coach based on system theory, certified Professional of Positive Psychology

Languages: German, English, Serbian, French, Spanish (Beginner)

2017 - current Mental Coach at the International German Motorcycle Campionship (IDM) working with different riders within the Superbike 1000, Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Cup and the Twin Cup
- support of the riders through out the campionship
- Workshops
- Individual Coaching

2016 - current Inhaberin Mihailović Consulting & CareerGames GbR
- Mental strength in private and business life
- Strategy and process consultancy
- Coaching of executives
- psychic stress in the working environmentz

2004 - current University lecturer (University Koblenz-Landau and Mannheim)
- Topics: team development, organizational development, leadership, coaching, mental strength, Positive Psychology

2002 - 2015 Organizational development and leadership at Daimler Trucks
- Coaching of executives to increase mental strength at work
- Facilitating workshops for trainee executives to improve in leadership topics
- Consulting departments regarding topics of leadership and strategy at different truck plants in Germany, Turkey, USA, Brasil and Japan.

1990 Licensed Coach for Judo

1986-2006 Judo
- participating at national and international competitions
- Pool participant of the state of Hessen
- Bundesliga fighter for Judo Clubs of Kassel, Kaiserslautern and Frankfurt


Mentales Coaching


The goal of the workshops is to understand the basics of mental training as well as to learn the basic techniques which will train an build up mental strength.


Webinar, Video, Ebook

Will be coming soon.

Team Coaching

It is a combination of coaching and team development. On the one hand it will be looked after the concerns of the athlete regarding top performance on the other hand the team is in the focus as well, to build up and improve the most effective way to work together.

Personal Coaching

While talking together intimately the rider and I focus on the topics of the rider on hand. Then the training is adjusted to those individual topics. This can be done face to face, by phone or video conference.


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